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Kansas City Hospice

About Kansas City Hospice

Kansas City hospice care providers offer care to patients who are in the end stages of terminal illness or disease and who are unable to or do not wish to continue receiving lifesaving treatment attempts.  Hospice care aims for comfort and improved quality of life through the administration of palliative care designed to alleviate physical and emotional suffering.  Most hospice workers are incredibly compassionate individuals who are trained to address both the physical and emotional needs of dying patients. The decision to transition a loved one into hospice care can be incredibly emotional and difficult, but it can often be the best decision.  Hospice care is available in both home and facility settings and making the right choice often depends on the needs and wishes of the patient.  Taking the time to consider insurance and financial issues is also quite crucial.  With the right choice, hospice care can help improve quality of life and can often provide an extended life that is free of pain and suffering. If you are looking for a hospice care provider for someone you love, The Eldercare Channel of Kansas City, KS can help. Our video host, Jeff Easterday with Parman & Easterday, LLP, offers valuable articles and information on this and many other senior and caregiver issues along with a comprehensive directory of hospice care providers located in our area. For assistance with your estate planning needs, please contact Parman & Easterday, LLP at (913) 385-9400.